Ramin Karimloo, Will Swenson, and Caissie Levy at the Gypsy Robe Ceremony

Caissie Levy’s rendition of “I Dreamed a Dream” from the first preview of Les Mis on Broadway.

Caissie Levy as Fantine.

With Samantha Hill and Nikki M James on the opening night of Les Miserables on Broadway.

Caissie Levy as Fantine.

In rehearsals for Les Miserables.

Anonymous Asked:
Is Caissie married? I read she was.

Yes, Caissie is married to actor David Reiser. They married in October of 2011.


Acoustic version Of Here Right Now by Richard Fleeshman and Caissie Levy from Ghost the Musical.

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Caissie Announces In Interview That She Will Stay In Ghost: The Musical Until March 2013

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